A Better Way to Photograph a Flower

Yesterday I posted a photograph of the boutonniere I wore at my son's wedding (click the back button to see it).  Today, I will show you a better way!

The boutonniere below is a much more interesting photograph for several reasons:

  1. It has depth
  2. It has more of a 3-D look
  3. There is less clutter in the background, making it less distracting 
  4. The defects in the flower cannot be seen
  5. The flower fades off to blend in with the background, adding a sense of mystery to the image
  6. Parts of the image are in focus while other parts are not, this adds interest to the photo.

It wasn't very hard to take this photograph compared to yesterdays and the time spend in post processing this photo was a fraction of the time I spent yesterday removing distractions on the background and fixing defects in the flower photo I posed yesterday.

To take a photograph like this, put the flower at an angle to you.  Get your camera in close and choose a focus point near the from of the flower (I choose the oval opening you see in the center).  If you can change your camera's aperture, open it up wide open as this will cause the photo to have a shallow depth of field, blurring the parts of the flower farther from the focus point.  Getting in close will also help create this shallow depth of field.

That's all there is too it!  It not that difficult.  Now go out and practice.  Buy some flowers (or crash a wedding) and give it a try.

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