How not to photograph a flower.

Below is a photograph of the boutonniere I wore at my sons wedding.  This is NOT how you want to photograph it.  Its not an extremely flattering shot – it's more of an extremely flattening shot!

In addition, I had to do a fair amount of work to the background to get this picture as good as it looks right now!  I spend a fair amount of time in photoshop cleaning things up (removing scratches, speckles, and the like).  But even after all that work the photo is still not great, the flower is starting to lose its beautiful look,  That little brown area at the base of the white does not look the best.  What is a person to do?

Come back tomorrow and I will show you a better way to make this photograph which will add depth, hide defects, and look better.

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.