1:33 into the race.

Here the bike race is fully underway. You can see the racers have settled in and are now just maintaining speed and not working hard to accelerate like in yesterdays photo.

This was a challenging photo to take. I wanted to get a good shot early into the race while the bikers were still very close together. I also wanted to include the "USA Cycling National Championship" banner in the frame. I also wanted to pretty much fill the frame with bikers. Also, I had only seconds to get all this accomplished!

The MSU biker is where my focus point was. You can see the bikers in front of her and behind here are slightly blurred. This helps isolate her from the rest of the things happening in the frame. I like the fact that I only have half of the face of the UC Davis biker in the frame. It seems to emphasize the fact that the bikers are moving along at a pretty good clip.