Moving in and Slowing down.

Here I moved in a little closer and slowed down the shutter speed. Moving in often helps create a more interesting photograph.  It was a bit windy so the slower shutter speed gave me blur again, but you will note the blur is different than in yesterdays photo, some of the photos are more in focus than others.  As you can see the flowers in the back left are a bit sharper than in other areas of the photograph.

All the photographs you see were processed solely in Adobe Lightroom, there are on heavy photoshop techniques applied to any of them.  

This photo was shot with my 18-200 lens at 170mm, F/16 (to achieve a slow shutter speed) for 1/25 sec.

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.  If you would like to purchase this photograph click the contact link at the left of the page and let me know.