Ways to Photograph Flowers

The next few days I am going to show you some examples of how (and how not) to photograph flowers.  These tulips were photographed  at the capital square in Madison, Wisconsin.  The flowers in the foreground are ok, the background is ok, and the photograph is... well... ok.  Not great and not terrible.  Not the kind of photograph I really want to put up on the blog but in this case I will make an exception.  This is NOT the way you want to photograph flowers.

If I want to get a bit more critical, the background is actually not OK.  Look at the sky.  Its totally blown out.  The background would have been OK had there been a nice blue sky back there with a few clouds, but as it is.  I would rate this photograph as, at best, fair.  

Tomorrow, lets look at another composition of these flowers that works better.

Per Dixie's request, this was shot with my 18-200mm zoom set at 48mm, 1/320 sec.