iPad and Apple Watch

Below you see an Apple iPad and on top of it you see an Apple Watch.  Thats right, the watch is made by Apple (not the band, the watch).  Most people think this is a yet unreleased product but I have had mine for years.

The Apple watch I have is an iPod nano 6th Generation.  It tells time and has many face options, it has a stop-watch and count-down timer.  It can display photos, it can play music stored on it, it can play FM radio.  It does a lot.  It does everything I need and I only have to recharge it about once a week.  In addition to all this, it looks great.

The one downside it the screen size is pretty smaller compared to my iPad :)

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.  If you would like to purchase this photograph click the contact link at the left of the page and let me know.