How to Shoot Silky Smooth Water

Do you wish you could take photos that show silky smooth water like this?  All you need to do is use a long shutter speed. One or two seconds should do the trick.  To get a proper exposure you will need to stop the camera way down to something like F/22.  You will also want to make sure your ISO is as low as possible.  Set your camera to aperture priority mode and it will now tell you the shutter speed it will use to give you a proper exposure.  If you still do not have a long enough exposure try putting a polarizing filter on the lens, If that does not do it you will have to wait for a less bright day, maybe wait until closer to sunset.  The other option is to get a neutral density filter. A neutral density filter is basically sun glasses for your camera and can be purchased at most camera stores.

I hope that helps.  Now get out there and take some silky water photos before all the water in the state freezes!

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.