My top ten photographs for 2015

Its something I have considered doing in the past but never gotten around to it.  This year I did it, I invested some time, went through well over one thousand photographs I took in 2015, and I found what I consider to be the ten best photographs I created lastt year.  It was a wonderful experience and I relieved some great memories in the process.  Here are my top ten photographs.

If you want to learn more about creating your own top ten, take a listen to Martain Bailey's podcast where he discusses it!

Getting Ready for my next Exhibit!

This one will be very close to home!  The Cambridge Art's Council is having a Pop-up Art Gallery Event December 5-7.  in the Aams & Haack Building, 210 W Main St. Cambridge, WI.  There will be lots going on.  Be sure to attend and bring a friend!

I will be displaying matted photographs, metal prints, greeting cards and more.  I plan on having a contest and the winner will receive a $50.00 discount on any of my pieces.  I hope to see you there

August Free Wallpaper

This months free wallpaper is available on my here.  I hope you like this months image.  It's my way of saying thank you for viewing my website.  This months image is of Sunset Sea Stacks at Cannon Beach, OR.

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.

The Making of Multiple Madelines and Brians

Early this year I created a composite photo of a couple of very talented musicians, Madeline Fendrick and Brian Peck of Fendrick and Peck (  This is the final image:

The image is a composite of four images that were combined together in Photoshop.  I recorded the shoot as well as the post processing so you could see exactly what was going on.  The short video below gives you an idea of what went into this image.

You can find out more about Fendrick and Peck at their website: and their Facebook fan page:

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.

Free Wallpaper

I wanted to give something back to the people that follow my work.  This month I have started an ongoing project of offering free downloadable desktop wallpaper of one of my images each month.  This month's image is "Strings in the Woods" and can be downloading here.

Thanks to Fendrick and Peck for providing the instruments!  If you have suggestions of images you would like wallpaper of in future months, send me a message.

Click on this photograph to view a larger version of it.

Welcome to my New Projects Page!

Most recently I have decided to quit keeping my photograph activities one of the best kept secrets in the world.  

Last week I decided to start promoting my Facebook fan page at  A week after emailing the link to my Facebook fans, I have over 100 likes.  If you're on Facebook consider clicking the link above and liking the page.  As another part of getting the word out, I have created a signup page for a quarterly newsletter I will be putting out.  You can sign up for that here.  

This is only the start of my efforts to put my work out there.  I will be using this page to post information about new projects I am working on as well as information on how they are progressing.  I think you will not only find it interesting, but I think it will provide you with some good ideas you can use as you take pictures.